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13 May 2017 0

English courses

Decide what kind of English you want to learn.

Is it conversational English? Academic English? Business English?
It is important to know before you start looking at schools.

You can even start learning before you travel to the UK: British Council Official Web Site

Private English Schools

The best schools of English providing intensive studies will charge you a fee.
There are hundreds of schools to choose from and the standard varies enormously so choose carefully!

You can learn English at a British Council accredited school for prices starting from £594 for lessons throughout one academic year.

A lot of schools are based around the Oxford Street and Holborn areas close to the University of London.

Other schools are also available in other cities in the Uk including Oxford and Cambridge.

Try to find a school that guarantees you smaller classes than the rest so that the teacher has time for everyone. And you may want to ask what nationalities will be attending the school and check the standard of the students.

Public English Schools

Find a course at your local Council

Local councils also provide English lessons and networking sessions. They will have evening classes or daytime classes. Prices may be less than at a private school.

Go to University

If you want to attend a university to study, you will have to plan this a long time in advance.
If you are already studying, your university may have a partnership with a UK university in which case you should see if this is suitable as they will be able to help you to arrange a place to study.

A British university will usually charge a fee for studying and this varies from place to place.
You may also have to take an English language test or to prove that your English is of a high enough standard by providing a certificate of a suitable qualification

Discounts and student cards

Study English UkYou should definitely try to get a student card with photo ID for use in the UK.
If you are a full-time student, your college or school may be able to give you one for free.
Otherwise you can buy an ISIC card from travel shops like STA Travel for £10 – so long as you can provide a student card from home plus a passport photo – or a letter from your college or university at home proving that you are in full time education.

It will give you discounts on loads of useful things: from cinema and theatre to train and coach tickets as well as restaurants, museums and many other useful places that will give you.

School terms and holidays

The English school year has 3 terms, starting in September and finishing in June.
The Winter term runs from September to December.
The Spring Term start in early January and runs until late March / early April.
The Summer Term starts late April and runs to July / early August.

Universities in the UK have similar holidays, although with a longer break for summer than at schools, allowing students to take a trip abroad or go travelling.

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